RAL meets all requirements: Health and environment at a glance
All P+S wall coverings are manufactured in accordance with RAL testing and quality regulations. In plain English... There's no need to worry about health and the environment when you buy these products, all you need to do is concentrate on the look you want to create when reaching your decision on what to buy. RAL is a quality seal indicating that high consumer standards are met as regards environmental compatibility and constantly monitored by the non-biased Fraunhofer Institute.
Euro standard: Safety in black and white
Our collections meet the current Euro standards for wall coverings 233,234,235,259 and 266. These standards represent a guarantee of quality and service worldwide. All important information relating to safety and quality can be found on a separate insert inside any wallpaper roll.
CE mark
The CE mark on all our rolls of wallpaper confirms that P+S wallpapers comply with applicable European guidelines for building products and are consequently consistent with technical standards within Europe.
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